G Series

G series

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G Series (New Products)

Stainless steel regenerative turbine pump (Multi purpose model)   

   General industrial applications
   Circulation of hot and cold water /media
   Integrated with a variety of OEM machines
   Filtration and back wash
   In-line fluid mixing
   Temperature control equipment
   Laser coolingSampling pump
   Ultrasonic cleaning machine
   Seal water feeding
   Semiconductor etching
   Reverse Osmosis  

  •  Features
  • 1. Precisely machined components assembled with a special high precision custom built motor.
  •     The impeller is fixed to thepump shaft to prevent wear due to the contact with other parts to maintain excellentperformance over a long pump lifetime.
  • 2. Comes standard with a SiC × Carbon × FKM mechanical seal for strong chemical and heat resistance.
  • 3. Available in GNL (medium pressure) and GNH (high pressure) models for most efficient fit, reduced motor size and powerconsumption to reduce overall
  •     equipment cost.
  • 4. Other materials available upon request.
  • 5. Dedicated close coupling component to accommodate explosion proof motors.
  • 6. Easy to assemble without the need for special tools thanks to the simple construction.
  • 7. Sealless magnet drive configuration is available upon request. Please contact us for details.

Performance curve 

  • Noted : Max. head achieveable is regulated by the required horse power.
  • Range of the chain lines are non-standard range with higher rating motors.
  • Model GNL shall be selected when required head is 60 m or less.


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