J Series

J series

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J Series

Stainless steel clean regenerative turbine pump  

   General industrial applications
   Integrated with a variety of OEM machines
   Pure water and chemical liquid supply
   Industrial cleaning machines 
   Food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical 

   Prevent contamination due to the compact size and simple structure of these pumps.
   Regenerative turbine pumps achieve high pressure using a single stage impeller even without high speed rotatio
   The contact area between the pump and media is minimized resulting in a clean flow.
   Due to the simple structure with minimal holding volume and surface contact area bacterial contamination is minimized as
   well as reduced leaching of irons from metal parts to ppm levels
 Minimal routine maintenance of consumables 
   Maintenance cost can be drastically reduced as there are no high wear consumable parts requiring
   frequent replacements such as with bellows and diaphragm pumps which parts are subject to repeated
   bending stress as well as internal check valves.
 Stable performance
   Unlike bellows and diaphragm pumps there is no pulsation, resulting in a stable liquid flow rate
   for enhanced equipment and process performance.
   SiC x special carbon mechanical seal (-J) option available for pure water (low-viscosity liquid) applications

Performance curve 

  Specification data   

  Series name

JLD  (-J)

JHD (-J)

  Total head (MAX.)



  Flow rate (MAX.)


  Liquid temp.

~90 (Standard)


Rc thread



JLD (-J)

JHD (-J)

  Casing / cover




  Mechanical seal

SiC - SiC, PTFE (Standard)
SiC - Carbon, PTFE(-J)





  Motor Specification

  Single phase / Open drip proof motor (S)

  50Hz/ 60Hz, 100V -230V, 0.3 to 0.55kW
  IP22, Insulation class: F, PSE

  Three phase / TEFC motor (Z)

  50Hz : 200V , 60Hz : 200/220V
  IP44, Insulation class: F, PSE

  Multi-voltage / TEFC motor (ZM)

  50Hz : 200V-415V , 60Hz : 200V-460V
  IP44, Insulation class: E, PSE, UL,(CCC)

  Increased Safety Motor (A)

  50Hz : 200V , 60Hz : 200/220V
  IP44, Insulation class: E or F, PSE

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